The backbone of the Pennsylvania craft spirits industry is its dedication to its local roots, and the desire to create new and unique products. That is why Anthony Barrel Company partners with local companies and distillers.

Red Brick Craft Distillery

Red Brick is a craft distillery in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Red Brick was the first distillery to age whiskey, or anything for that matter, in an ABC barrel. Ryan will always be grateful for that opportunity and relieved that the five gallons of whiskey made it through that first 7 months of aging.

Red Brick

Levante Brewing Company

Levante Brewing Company, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, has dedicated itself to “Elevate your Craft.” This means creating delicious products that venture toward unique styles and flavors. ABC is proud to be a part of their barrel program.

Levante Brewing width=

John Stortz & Son, Inc.

John Stortz and Son have been making custom hand tools in Philadelphia since 1863. Jeff Stortz was kind enough to allow ABC to test some of their coopering products.  ABC is proud to display the John Stortz & Son tooling at trade shows and tastings, as they are a great reminder that old-school craftsmanship is alive today.

Stortz & Sons

Max Greenburg Woodworking

Max and Ryan have worked adjacent each other since May of 2015. Since day 1, Max has helped develop the barrel making process in dozens of ways and continues to do so today. Max is a self-employed furniture maker who values craftsmanship and precision, and it shows in each and every one of his pieces.

Max Greenburg

Manatawny Still Works

Manatawny Still Works, a distillery in Pottstown, PA, has worked with ABC on multiple occasions, mostly through tasting events. Manatwany carries a variety of products and is dedicated to experimenting with small batches, all the while getting the community involved. They are truly dedicated to the craft industry.

Manatawny Still Works

Staack Moore Woodworking

John Staack and Jim Moore make some of the most intricate and unique wood products in Philadelphia. Ryan has been fortunate enough to work above Staack-Moore Woodworking for the past two years. Without their generosity and excellently run building, ABC would not be able to function.

Staack Moore Wood Working